Watching Easter Processions During Semana Santa in Andalusia


In Andalusia the Easter celebrations during Semana Santa are the societal highlight of the year. Not being able to carry out Easter processions this year due to Corona must be a huge disappointment for the traditional south of Spain.
I was lucky enough to watch the Easter processions in Granada two years ago during a roadtrip through Andalusia. A good time to share these photos that I hadn’t developed until now.

easter procession in andalusia girl white

I still remember how difficult it was to find the routes of the different parades in the city of Granada. As it turned out it was as simple as leaving our hotel and following the sounds of drums and trumpets and the smell of incense through the bustling streets of the city centre.

Witnessing one of the parades for the first time is an otherworldly experience. The streets were so packed I couldn’t see what was happening in front of me. Suddendly a larger-than-life jesus-statue appeared around the corner and from the heavy steps of at least 12 carriers beneath, it almost seemed as if the figure was walking. It’s no surprise the carriers were swaying from left to right: the richely decorated statues are carved from massive wood and weigh several hundred kilos.

Converse seems to be the fashion of choice for the Andalusian brotherhoods

andalusia granada streeteaster procession andalusia

For those not familiar with the customs, the processions of the penitents is probably the most unusual sight in the streets of Granada.

With the cancellation of public parades, Andalusians had to find alternative ways to celebrate Easter this year. The TV stations are showing recordings from past parades and broadcasing church services. One tradition already sounds familiar during Corona: people singing from their balconies.