Dresden & Sächsische Schweiz


While I was on my trip around the world, one day at an airport I stumbled upon a travel guide about Germany and although it was funny to read about the German ways, I realized how little we see of our own country when wanderlust keeps us busy, traveling around the world. Since I never went to Dresden, my girlfriend and I decided to visit the city for a few days and were amazed by it’s beauty.

frauenkirche dresden

Obligatory picture of Frauenkirche, the most iconic church in the historic old-town of Dresden

elbe cruise ship

One of the cruise ships along the Elbe

Park of Palace Pillnitz

The slightly morbid charm of the Cholerabrunnen

dresden stable yard

Stable yard in the old-town

blaues wunder bridge

Blaues Wunder – a famous old metal suspension bridge

semperoper dresden
old-town dresden by night

The Semper Opera and the historic old-town by night

elbe riverside

Down by the Elbe riverside

After two days in Dresden we drove further east into Saxon Switzerland to hike in the sand-lime brick mountains. This is a part of Germany where I definately want to go back to and spend a few days hiking in the more remote areas.
The view from Bastei Rock is stunning – if you can overlook the fact that you are possibly surrounded by tourists.

elbe bastei

Overlooking Elbe river from Bastei Rock

bastei bridge

The Bastei Bridge