A Lazy Weekend at the Baltic Sea


As tradition goes a few old schoolmates and I meet once or twice a year for a long weekend at the sea. Instead of our preferred destination at the North Sea we opted for a long weekend at the Baltic Sea this time. Our destination was a narrow stretch of land with the peculiar name Fischland-Darß-Zingst, whereby each of the name’s three parts represents one part of the peninsula. We rented a nice holiday home in the town of Zingst that was within walking distance from the sea and spent a few lazy days with good books and conversations that were only interrupted by small excursions and walks to the beach.

Seebrücke Zingst at the Baltic Sea
dog dozing on the couch

A dog called Amsel (blackbird) was our companion for the weekend. Our lifestyles synced somewhere in between eat, sleep, walk on the beach, repeat.

fischland darß zingstWieck auf Darß

In between walks at the beach we undertook trips to the peninsula’s sleepy villages. I liked that apart from the obvious holiday homes many small houses were neatly kept but in a rugged way that matches the rustic coastal life.
Other than that we discovered nice cafés with a great selection of homemade cakes and restaurants with good quality considering the fair prices along the Baltic coast.

flowers in bloom on wieckboddenbeck's and fischbrötchen - breakfast for champions

No visit to the coast without a fish bun. I blame the questionable choice of beer on the early time of day that called for a light substitute.