About Run, Humans


Run, Humans, for this world is forsaken. Every place has been discovered, every photograph has been taken and yet adventure is still out there.
Run, Humans is an online magazine for digital escapists, travellers and curious minds, documenting inspiring places, stories and all things beautiful.

The name Run, Humans was meant to be a joke initially and I had humans in mind that need to escape from dinosaurs, zombies or some other kind of apocalyptic scenario. While my focus started shifting towards travel I still think the name is a good fit – only I realized doom of mankind is not some prehistoric beast but the imperative to get up and see for yourself what the world has in store for you before it all goes to waste.

Travelling is not actually related with discoveries and adventure anymore. This is what others before us did, when there were still white spots on the maps and a traveller wasn’t equivalent with a tourist. Nowadays travelling is rather a luxury for the privileged who try to fill their scarce vacation days with experiences that are worth telling back home. Travelling is becoming increasingly differenciated as a product with labels such as adventure, wellness or recovery. And yet travelling maintains many qualities that enrich our lives and broaden our minds. Maybe the age of explorers on this world is over but discoveries can still be made on a personal level and new things can be learnt just around every corner.

And so I travel to places that anyone can reach and take photos that hundreds took before me. The only thing that I contribute is my subjective and opinionated perspective on my environment. Keep reading to get to know me better and to see if you can relate to the perspective that I offer.

about run, humans

Hello, I’m Frederik

I grew up and live in the north of Germany in Hamburg.
I have a masters degree in sociology and work as a digital strategist for the Hamburg based agency fischer Appelt. Here are five other things to know about me:


To give you an idea how much I value food let me tell you the following anecdote. I once drove 67 kilometres just to eat a coconut crème brûlée in Australia only to find out the restaurant was closed on that day. To satisfy my curiosity I undertook the same trip on the very next day which made it 268 kilometres back and forth. Needless to say it was totally worth it.


I tend to obsess over tiny details like a beautiful design or a well-made product on a regular basis.


I seem to be an extroverted introvert – an ambivert that is.


I learned how to perform a chinese tea ceremony in Oslo out of all places.


I am a natural born champ at soaking up trivial facts but come hell or water I am unable to figure out how to do my taxes.


Run, humans is running (no pun intended) with a selfmade theme on WordPress and coded with love by the amazing Stefan. Also thanks to Paul for the smooth animations and of course to my wonderful girlfriend Rebecca who helps the shit out of this blog. If you are interested in my thoughts behind this design you can read this article.

Last but not least I abide by the code of Blogger-Kodex whenever I write about travel destinations, brands or products.