Cape Town for Foodists: Neighbourgoods Market at Old Biscuit Mill


By now it should be pretty obvious that I have a weak spot for food markets like Markthalle 9 in Berlin. My favourite spot so far is the Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town that became sort of a saturday morning ritual whenever we visit South Africa. The market originally started as a wednesday night market for designers on the area of an old biscuit mill. When an organic foodstand and a café entered the mix, the food market was soon established. Today the market has grown to respectable size and all kinds of stalls selling foods and crafts are adding to the bustling atmosphere. Furthermore bands perform during market days and there is even a journal dedicated to the stories behind the different sellers and makers.

Neighbourgoods Market

Best breakfast there is if you can stomach a kobe-style beef burger with avocado sauce and watermelon-mint juice at 10am

best burger

How a burger is displayed properly

ice teaneighbourgoods marketcoffee and ice tearooisnos ice teaneighbourgoods marketorganic food standsavory tarts

Queen of Tarts


Poffertjes from the Frying Dutchmen

coffee and poffertjes

Poffertjes with every sweet sauce known to man make for a great dessert


Hessian Flammkuchen from Piroschka’s Kitchen


Oysters from Mother Shucker Oysters


Flying thousands of kilometers just to eat pretzels in South Africa

meatflowersmarket from above

The crafts market from above