Nokia sent me a Lumia 1020 Developer Device


I recently applied for a developer device in a Nokia affiliate program. After handing in our app concept and a few mockups, it took only one day until Nokia replied and offered me a Lumia 1020. Of course Nokia and Microsoft have quite some catch up to do when it comes to app development but I’m still impressed with the way Nokia treats developers.

nokia lumia 1020

Personally I would have prefered a matte white or black model but I don’t want to look a developer horse too closely in the mouth. So far I’m really satisfied with the build quality and the camera is simply amazing. It’s not surprising, the 41-megapixel camera sensor doesn’t need to shy away from comparisons with small DSLRs and outperforms most point-and-shoot-cameras. Good job, Nokia!

Since the Lumia Black update it’s possible to process RAW camera data, which sounds promising to experiment with. I guess I’m going to upload a few sample shots of the camera soon.