A long Weekend on Rügen


After we visited Dresden last year it’s almost a habit now that we try to visit a new place in Germany at least once a year. This time we decided to spend a weekend at the Baltic Sea, on the island of Rügen to be specific. We didn’t feel like having an extensive program of sightseeing which is why we went for a place with a rather slim travel guide. We borrowed a station wagon to carry our bikes with us and and visited the port cities Wismar and Stralsund before we headed further north to Rügen.

a window in Stralsund

Historic houses  in Stralsund

woods of rügen

Rügen is a beautiful and wonderfully unagitated island – perfect for a relaxed holiday without having to forego any comforts. During our three days on the island we set up our camp in the Strandhotel Binz. A neat detail is the small cupola on the roof of the hotel where the sauna from the spa area is located. We spent a whole afternoon in the spa just by ourselves while the wind was blowing around the cupola.

windmills and rape fields

Rügen in a nutshell: Windmills and rape fields

anglers on rügen

A destination that we were looking forward to is the island Hiddensee located on the west side of Rügen. Hiddensee is only accessible for ferryboats and water taxis while cars are banned from the island completely. Broad paths for bikes and horses connect cute houses with thatched roofs and bike couriers ensure speedy transport of goods between the small settlements.
Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed because Hiddensee doesn’t offer a lot of scenic variety compared to Rügen.

with the bikes on hiddensee

Exploring Hiddensee by bike

lighthouse on hiddensee

A lighthouse in the southern part of Hiddensee

boat on hiddensee
hiddensee harbour

Waiting for the ferry at the harbour of Hiddensee

old church on Rügen

An old romantic church in a small settlement on Rügen

Seebrücke Sellin

The Seabridge of Sellin