Andalusia on Wheels: Discovering the Gems of Southern Spain


As I sift through my hard drives to look at past travels, I find myself struggling to recall all the details of the picturesque towns and villages we visited during our road trip through Andalusia in 2018. What I do remember are winding mountain roads, white villages rich in history, stunning views and delicious tapas.

A Lake in Andalusia with a white village in the background


Our first stop was the historical mountain town of Ronda. We visited the city mostly to see Puente Nuevo, the impressive bridge spanning the 120-meter-deep chasm that separates the two parts of the city. Even though it was really windy and cold during our stay we enjoyed panoramic views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

A panoramic view in Ronda RondaRonda Puente Nuevo and a waterfall


Our next stop was Granada where we watched the famous Easter processions during the Semana Santa.
We loved starting our mornings with a delicious breakfast at one of the many cozy cafes. Our favorite sight, however, was the view of the Alhambra palace with its intricate design of the Moorish architecture against the backdrop of the white-capped Sierra Nevada mountains.

Two gentlemen walking across a public square in GranadaAlhambra Granada in front of the Sierra Nevada mountains in AndalusiaGranada shopping districtCafé in GranadaSierra Nevada Mountains in AndalusiaAndalusia landscape


Cordoba is the best example of the unique blend of Spanish and Moorish architectural styles that is typical for Andalusia. The city is home to many historical landmarks, including the Mezquita-Catedral, that was a former mosque, later repurposed as a catholic cathedral.

Mezquita-Catedral in CordobaMezquita-Catedral in CordobaCordobaCordoba


Our favourite part of the trip was our visit to Sevilla. The whole town smelled intensely of the orange trees that lined the streets and began to blossom during our stay. Additionally, we fell in love with the lively atmosphere and the blend of architectural styles.

Sevilla shoreSevilla sunny river AndalusiaSevillaSevillaSevilla PalaceSevilla PalaceSevilla PalaceSevilla PalaceSevilla PalaceSevilla PalaceSevilla Architecture city centreSevilla rooftopsSevilla panoramic view of the city centerSevilla moorish architectureMetropol Parasol, Las Setas in Sevilla

I was really looking forward to photograph Metropol Parasol in Sevilla but I soon found out how challenging it is to take photos of it due to its size and location in the city. The large scale of the structure can make it difficult to fit into the frame, and its nestled positioning within the city can make it challenging to find the right angles to capture its unique design.

cerveceria La Grande in Sevilla

A fitting end to this article: a typical street scene at one of the countless cervecerias that are always filled with people.