Kites and Shots in Friesland


Together with a few schoolmates I share a tradition that goes back to our school days. Once or twice a year we come together from different parts of Germany to spend a few days at the North Sea in Friesland.
I can’t exactly say what it is that draws us to the coast. Probably it’s the rough charme of vast horizons and the taciturn but kind inhabitants. As soon as we disembark our cars and the air smells of sea and surrounding farms I feel instantly relaxed and far away from work and daily routine.

neuharlingsiel by night

Upon arrival the first thing we did was to visit the little coastal town Neuharlingsiel. It was good to soak up the sea breeze and listen to the waves while the wind messed with our hair. Luckily we found a pub that was still open and drank some northern schnapps. At Dattein the shots are being served with a poem in Low German. The weekend started just the way we I like it.

Dattein Kneipe

On the next day we made a trip to the small town Norden and to Greetsiel. German Gemütlichkeit at its best.

tiles in nordengreetsielgreetsiel

As customary for the North Sea we were not spoiled with sunshine but the dramatic clouds compensated for it.

clouds in neuharlingsiel frieslandhafengebiet - für schäden jeglicher art wird nicht gehaftet

While most other visitors took to their heels when a storm approached we stayed and flew a kite. After all we just bought it and didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

flying a kitefriesland