A Field Trip into Lüneburg Heath During Bloom


Since three years I’m trying to undertake a field trip into Lüneburg Heath during bloom. So far each time something got in the way or I simply missed flowering season for a few days. The spectacle was well worth the wait: Within a few days the whole landscape changes and the dry sandy soil that is usually only sparsely covered with green turns into a rich purple.

lüneburg heath

This year I finally made it and luckily Jennifer accompanied me, who knows all the good trails in the heath and is an overall good hiking buddy.

into the woods

Our plan was to head out early to have the whole day for a long hike. We got delayed however because our breakfast was far too good and didn’t manage to make up for the lost time throughout the hike. I can’t say I was particularly sad about having to turn back early because we found a nice café with handmade cake on our way back.

log pilesflower fields in the heathdark path in the woodsmossy trees and woodsgood spirits honey bunsthe forest of lüneburg heathfemale hat woodsTotengrund Lüneburger Heide

Highlight of our hike was the view at Totengrund (loosely translated ‘death grounds’ although it’s a pretty calm and peaceful place), an extensive valley that offers beautiful views over the heath from its edges. Sadly, of all things the valley was not in bloom yet but it was a good place to take a rest and soak in the view nevertheless.

lüneburg heath rainrotten trees heathlüneburg heath viewsheath